A lot of people that are looking for the warmth and beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula visit Playa del Carmen for their all inclusive resorts, but now more than ever, tourists fall in love with the region and start planning on living here for long periods of time. People are searching for apartments or condos located in Downtown Playa del Carmen due its wonderful amenities such as world class hospitals, amazing plazas and shopping centers, outstanding nightlight and to enjoy the beautiful white sand and turquoise water of the beaches in the Caribbean.

Due to its competitive rate, its focus on residential opportunities for tourists and its 15% growth rate, it is expected that the Riviera Maya will continue growing exponentially in the following years. The main advantage when buying in the Riviera Maya, specially in Playa del Carmen, is that this region will continuously attract nationals and foreigners interested in retiring or enjoying the breathtaking beaches around the area. Also, Playa del Carmen is a highly touristic town, making this city the best place to invest in real estate.

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